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Who else is exceedingly excited for the weekend? What should we cook? What should we do? What are YOU cooking this weekend? What fun adventures are you embarking on??

We will be at the farmer’s market on Sunday, which is always the highlight of our whole week, and something we highly recommend as a must-do activity, if you need some ideas. ☺️😉

(Reminiscing on this lovely #rossottiranch pasture raised veal dish from @dailydriversf, photo by @poppyseed__pr 😍)
Happy first day of fall! 🍎🍏🍎🍏
So lucky that we have these beautiful old orchards on the ranch to provide our family with allll the apples! What should we make? Pasture raised veal loin with sautéed apples and cabbage?  Or maybe a braised veal breast with apple, kale, and wild rice stuffing? We know there will at least be apple pie!😋😍
It’s farmers market day, and we can’t wait to help you pick out the perfect cuts of pasture raised veal for the week ahead! We will be here until 1pm today! 😃
What better way to celebrate #nationalcheeseburgerday than with a slider party?! Whether you choose grass fed beef, pasture raised veal, or even grass fed goat, make sure to have a variety of cheeses and toppings on hand so everyone can customize their sliders to their liking! Served alongside some fresh watermelon and simple s’mores for dessert, and you’ve got the perfect farewell to summer menu. 🍔🌞🍉🍫
It’s time for some braised pasture raised meats! Irish stew? Veal Bourguignon? Chili con carne? The options are endless. With so many different cuisines and cultures to explore, we can never get tired of a hearty stew once the seasons begin to change. ❤️🍁
Is this autumn we feel in the air? We are enjoying this cooler weather this week— and it’s getting us in the spirit of apple-picking, frantic canning, and fall cooking! What’s your favorite autumn activity? 🍂🍁👻
Could there be a more glorious time of year at the farmers market? Every stall is just overflowing with all of the late summer tomatoes, melons, peppers and corn, right alongside new crop apples and Brussels sprouts and wild mushrooms. Come down a take a stroll to see what inspires you! Perhaps some easy veal cutlets with a crisp green and fresh peach salad? Or maybe goat tacos topped with a tomato corn salsa? 

Stop by and say hi and we will help you figure out what to make for dinner this week!
Nothing says comfort food like grandma‘s meatloaf! We love making meatloaf with our pasture raised ground veal— it makes for a rich yet surprisingly light meal that feels like all things autumn. We‘ve got our favorite recipe up on the Cook section of our website. 🍁❤️
Always feeling so blessed and lucky to get to tend this land that our ancestors have tended for a combined nine generations. We treat our animals and the land with care and dignity, so that we can continue feeding our community for generations to come.
Hope you are spending your Sunday doing something fun and relaxing, with those you love! 💕🌞❤️
Tomorrow is Cornish Game Hen day for us at the Farmer’s Market! Will we see you there? If you’ve had your eye on these beauties, tomorrow could be the last chance you get until our next batch is ready later on this year. 💛
Farmers Market day is this Sunday, and did you hear the news? We will have CORNISH GAME HENS this week! We raise a limited amount of these free-foraging, pasture raised birds, and we always sell out. If you’d like to have some shipped to your doorstep, or want to place your order in advance for farmers market pickup (*highly* recommended), then visit our webshop, Grotto Rossotti, before we run out! 🌞

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One of our most delicious items is back in stock— Cornish Game Hens! These delectable birds always sell out super quickly, so if you’d like to snag a few, check out our webshop, Grotto Rossotti, and place your order for delivery or Farmers Market pickup ASAP! 

We hand-raise super small flocks of these tiny-but-mighty birds, and only have them available a few times a year. They are a crowd favorite, probably because they are so juicy and succulent! Check the link in our bio to visit our shop!


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Hello friends! We would love to see you this morning at the farmers market— come down early to beat the heat! We have so many goodies for you, and want to make sure you are all stocked up for the week with enough pasture raised meats, fresh summer vegetables, grains, cheeses, and flowers! 🌞💕👋
This heat wave is making us want allll the salads! Here’s one of our favorites: veal loin salad with blue cheese crumbles! Head to the link in our profile for the recipe featuring crisp lettuces, sweet cherry tomatoes, crunchy radishes, pasture raised veal, one of our favorite local cheeses, and a perfect vinaigrette! 🥗😍
Midweek greetings to you all! Here’s to sunshine, wide open pastures, and a stress-free life. 🌞
Always time for a laugh at the farmers market! It’s a great day to stock up on your favorites— this is seriously one of the best times of year to visit the market and get all of the exquisite fresh produce, breads, pasture raised meats (👋🙋), flowers, cheeses, and other delicious goodies! Hope to see you today (we’ll be here until 1pm).
It’s amazing to see the animals we work so hard to raise, to give a beautiful life to, be treated with such care and reverence by the chefs who receive them. @altovinosf is one of our favorite restaurant partners, and this beautiful spinach pasta filled with red wine braised pasture raised Rossotti Ranch veal is one of the many reasons why! True ranch-to-table dining at its best!
It’s never a bad time for burgers! But on a Friday evening after a long week, well… that sounds like the perfect time for a pasture raised veal burger! 😍😎😋
Dinner time! Love watching these mamas enjoy the good life out here. 😍 Our cows only eat fresh coastal grasses, hay that’s been organically or sustainably grown— and the babes also get their own mother’s milk! We love letting them live the lives nature intended for them, roaming about the pastures and enjoying all this California sunshine. 🌞
What’s your favorite Sunday tradition? We love being a part the ritual the farmers market for so many of our friends! Feeding the community is something our family has been doing for a combined nine generations, and we are so proud to be able to continue this tradition everyday. And on Sundays we get to see you face-to-face! Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend 🌞😍❤️
Dreaming of beautiful pasture raised veal roasts and even thinking about sliding one into the smoker! Cooking succulent meats low and slow is the way to go for maximum flavor, don’t you agree?
Have we ever told you how much we love meatballs? (Pretty sure the answer is MANY, MANY, TIMES, but we are going to do it again anyhow. Because we love meatballs!) 

They are easy. They are economical. The are healthy. They are versatile. They are… delicious! Ground pasture raised veal, or grass fed goat, makes the most perfect building block for the greatest variety of dishes. 😍 We love them in the summer with bbq sauce on a bun, or with a tangy basil & cilantro slaw and stuffed into a baguette, or even tiny ones to top a wood-fired pizza. They are good next to a tumble of shaved garden veggies, and superb when stuffed with mozzarella cheese and pierced with tiny toothpicks. They are simply the best! 

Find one-pound packages of our pasture raised veal, grass fed goat, and even a limited quantity of our seasonal grass fed beef, available in our webshop, Grotto Rossotti!
When we are not in the pastures or out and about around the ranch, you can find us at the Marin County Farmers Market! We are here most every Sunday, with a wide variety of cuts of pasture raised veal, grass fed goat, and sometimes even pasture chickens, game hens or seasonal grass fed beef! The market is open from 8am to 1pm every Sunday, and we are always delighted to chat with you about your cooking ideas and needs. Hope to see you there! 🌞
Stuck in a dinner rut? Check out our blog post with some fabulously easy instant pot dinner recipe that are *perfect* for hot summer evenings! Like in bio for these meal ideas that are simple, flavorful, and guaranteed to not heat up your kitchen!
Char marks for dayyyyys! We love the flavor of grilled pasture raised veal or grass fed goat, especially when nestled alongside fresh local summer vegetables! When it’s hot out, what more do you really need? 😍❤️🌞
Hi friends! We are at the Marin County Farmers Market today, and it’s a beautiful day to do some outdoor shopping! The market is full of delicious produce, pasture raised meats (🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️), flowers, breads and pastries, wild seafood, beverages, and cheeses! Everything you need to stock your kitchen up for the week ahead. We’d love to see you, even if only to say hi. 👋 🌞😍 (📸: @chefjayne 🥰)
Hoping your weekend is full of relaxation and calm! Also hoping we will get to see your wonderful face at the farmers market tomorrow morning? We will have so much delicious pasture raised goodness for you! 🐂🐐🐓
It’s a *throw some chops on the grill* kind of night, isn’t it? Juicy, tender, meaty pasture raised veal chops are one of our favorite simple dinner ideas, especially when paired with heap of simply grilled veggies and generous scoop of potato salad! Add a little local zin or maybe an ice cold beer, and we are set. What’s your favorite weeknight dinner? 🍽
Gone Fishin! We are NOT at the Marin County Farmers Market today, as we are taking a little family break to recharge and be together. 🌱 Hope you all have a great week! (PS— visit us at our webshop if you need to order some pasture raised goodness this week!)