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Gone Fishin! We are NOT at the Marin County Farmers Market today, as we are taking a little family break to recharge and be together. 🌱 Hope you all have a great week! (PS— visit us at our webshop if you need to order some pasture raised goodness this week!)
Here’s your Saturday night pasta PSA: Tagliatelle with Rossotti Ranch pasture raised veal ragu, among other delicious meats, from @chefevanallumbaugh at @chefico! Simply stunning. 

And in an additional PSA: we will *not* be at the farmers market tomorrow— we are taking a much-needed family holiday and will be back next week! (Our webshop, Grotto Rossotti, remains open for you, 24/7!)
Just a bull and his ladies… ❤️ Hope you are all having as fun of a summer as this guy is!
This is the last opportunity for our fresh, seasonal grass fed beef! We are at the farmers market this morning with lots of great cuts for fresh pasture raised meats for you— and if you have been considering our beef, this is your final chance to get it fresh this year! We hope to see you soon 🌞❤️
We are here for you TODAY!! We are hosting a one-day only sale at our ranch warehouse from 10 am - 2 pm, with a massive selection of *fresh* cuts of pastured chickens, our seasonal grass fed beef, pasture raised veal, and grass fed goat, plus everyone’s favorite sausages! Hope to see you soon! 🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️
Is there anything finer than a lovely roast grass fed beef? We don’t think so! This weekend is the last time this year that we will have fresh cuts of our seasonal beef, and it is exquisitely delicious! You can secure some for yourself by dropping by our ranch warehouse sale tomorrow, 7/17 (sorry about the date confusion in our last post!) from 10am - 2pm; ordering online for either FedEx doorstep delivery OR pickup at the warehouse sale or Sunday farmers market; or of course, you could also see us at our usual spot at the Marin County Farmers Market this Sunday! 
If you do swing by the ranch tomorrow, know that we will have fresh cuts of everything (including your favorite and long-awaited pastured chickens!) as well as our full range of sausages. We’ll also have some wonderful deals, and we’d love to welcome you to the ranch!
*Pop Up Sale at the Ranch* alert!! This Saturday, 7/17, we are opening our ranch warehouse doors for one day only! We will have FRESH pasture raised veal, FRESH grass fed beef, FRESH whole pastured chickens, and FRESH grass fed goat! We’ve never had this many fresh cuts of nearly all of our animals at the same time. Plus, this is the last weekend we will have our super limited seasonal grass fed beef available for purchase. ❤️ 

We highly recommend you order in advance at our webshop to ensure you get exactly what you want, but you are always welcome to stop by and browse! We will be here for you on Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm, and we can’t wait to see you!
We are here at the farmers market for you, with pasture raised veal, grass fed beef (super limited supply!), grass fed goat, and delicious sausages! Remember, if you’d can’t make it to the market today, Grotto Rossotti, our online shop, is always open for you. Happy weekend, now go cook something delicious!
Hey. Are you going to the farmers market tomorrow? Because we will be there! ❤️
It’s steak grilling time! One of our favorite hot weather meals is grilled steak— either pasture raised veal or grass fed beef. Served simply, with some grilled veggies and maybe a crusty loaf of bread… and then any leftovers are the absolute best the next day, tucked into a sandwich or tossed with a fresh crisp salad. Who wants to heat up the kitchen anyhow in this crazy heat?! 🌞🥩🥗🥪🌞
The most nurturing, nourishing, and humane way to raise a calf is to let it’s mama do the job for you! Our calves are never separated from their mothers, and they grow up drinking their own mama’s milk and grazing on pasture. We think this way of ranching is kinder for the cows, more sustainable for the environment, and produces the healthiest and most delicious beef and veal around. 🌱✨❤️
Happy 4th of July, from our family to yours! May your day be filled with fun, friend, family, and delicious food! (If you need help with that last part, the farmers market is OPEN this morning and we will be here until 1pm with allllll the pasture raised meats!)
It’s *the* biggest day of grilling season tomorrow— what are you planning? Burgers? Sausages? Steaks? Ribs? Maybe make them all?! Whatever you fancy, the farmers market IS OPEN tomorrow, Sunday, July 4! Head down early, stock up on everything you need for your cookout or bbq, and get. to. grilling! 

(PS— in case you haven’t yet heard, we will have our grass fed beef available, in limited quantities, in addition to our pasture raised veal, grass fed goat, sausages, and more. 🤩😍)
Letting these mamas take care of their babes and raise them up on just their own milk and these fresh coastal grasses. 🌱❤️ We are so honored to be their caretakers and let them do as nature intended! #humanelyraised
The only thing better than a Sunday morning at the ranch is a Sunday morning at the farmers market! We will be at @aim_farmers_markets at the Marin Civic Center until 1pm today, with lots of incredible cuts of pasture raised veal, grass fed goat, sausages, and more available for you to help plan your meals for the week!
It’s sure feels like burger weather out there! We love using pasture raised veal for our burgers— ground veal is a wonderful base for countless interesting flavor combinations (blue cheese and tomato-shallot jam, anyone?!), but it is also absolutely stunning on a simple classic backyard burger, where the clean and bright flavor of the meat can really shine. However you like your burger, pasture raised ground veal is a delicious choice! 😍❤️🍔
*BIG NEWS!* We are super excited to announce that, for a very limited time, we are making our grass fed BEEF available for sale! 
You probably know all about our pasture raised veal, but did you know that we also raise a very small number of cows for beef as well? This is 100% grass-fed beef, born and raised on our Historic H Ranch on the Point Reyes Peninsula. They are raised with the same high standards as our pastured veal – enjoying a free range life while feasting on a diet of naturally foraged native grasses.
We believe the tastiest grass-fed beef is a seasonal product. The grass at our ranch is seasonal, reaching its apex of nutritive quality in the late spring and summer. Accordingly, our beef is only available within the late spring and summer months.
Beef will be available FRESH at the Marin Farmers Market starting on July 4th. Our current shipping dates are July 6th, 13th, 20th. Because this quantity is so limited, we WILL sell out for each of these dates— advance orders are highly recommended if you are interested! Link, as always, in bio!
So grateful to be able to live this life, out on the pasture with the cows, as our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents have done before us. Since 1892, our families have been tending this land and feeding our community, and we are so proud to continue their legacy! 🌞🌱🐂
Happy Father’s Day to all of our dad chefs, friends, customers, and partners, most especially to our very own dad extraordinaire, Tony Rossotti! We are so grateful for you! 🌞
And if somehow time got away from you and you need some last-minute help pulling off an epic Father’s Day, head on down to the Farmers Market this morning and pick up some pasture raised veal steaks, some fresh summer vegetables, maybe a bottle of wine, and give the special guy in your life the best Father’s Day gift ever! We are all here til 1pm— then it’s grilling time! 🤓😍
Weekend greetings from the cows of Rossotti Ranch! Hope you are enjoying the summer weather and cooking all the delicious things!
It is not a proper heat wave without fresh corn, watermelon, and a pasture raised veal bratwurst, nestled into a pretzel bun with sauerkraut and crispy grilled onions. Is it?
Does it get any better than handmade tagliatelle with pasture raised veal Bolognese? We think not! 🍝&📷: @flourandwatersf 🥰😍
Today is the *LAST DAY* to get your ultimate Father’s Day gift or provisions! We’ve got a truly special box for you, plus all of Dad’s favorite cuts and treats! If you order online by tonight, you’ll get free shipping (!) and it will arrive in time for the big day. OR you can swing by the farmers market this morning, where we can custom curate the perfect gift for your special dude. It’s a beautiful day, and we are here until 1pm for you! 👋❤️🌞
Father’s Day is in ONE WEEK, friends! And let’s face it— dad deserves something a little better than a “World’s Best Dad” mug or yet another electric razor gift set. He wants delicious, savory, grillable, pasture raised meats! And we have just the box for you— it’s full of his favorite cuts, PLUS bratwurst, and we are offering it with *free shipping* in time for Father’s Day, if you order by Sunday night 6/13. Link in profile if you want to check out the goodness!
We don’t *just* love pasture raised meats because they taste delicious and have incredible health benefits— we love raising animals this way because we believe in protecting and honoring the environment. We feel that raising cows and goats in a way that protects the native grassland is the best way to preserve it for generations to come! Our family has acted as stewards for this land for a combined nine generations, and we hope to be a link to continue this work for all the generations to come.
Is there anything better than grilling season?! We love getting all that delicious grill flavor on our pasture raised veal burgers, sausages, kebabs, steaks, and chops! What’s your favorite thing to grill? ❤️🍖🔥
Feeling nostalgic for this beautiful pasture raised #rossottiranch veal tartare, topped with black truffles from @chefico! 😍❤️🥰 What’s your favorite restaurant dish that you can’t wait to try again?
Does anyone else get *ridiculously* excited for farmers market day?! We love getting a chance to say hi to y’all and being able stock our own kitchen with delicious, fresh, sustainable food produced by our neighbors! 👋😍
To see our animals treated so tenderly and with such care makes our hearts soar a bit. Look at these beautiful Rossotti Ranch veal chops from @altovinosf! So grateful for all of our chefs & butchers who receive whole animals and make the best use out of every single part.