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A true work of art from one of our most beloved restaurant partners, @flourandwatersf 😍

Pasture raised Rossotti Ranch veal polpettini in the final course of their greatest hits pasta tasting menu. Swoon!!
Sustainable ranching starts in the pasture and ends on your plate — we oversee every step to ensure you are getting most flavorful, healthful, humane, sustainable meat possible. Find us online in our webshop, or at the Sunday Marin County Farmers Market!
Pasture raised veal cross rib pot roast is not just for winter! Served with English peas, leeks, and mushrooms, on a bed of new potato and spring cabbage colcannon, and you’ve got a spring delight! 💛🌱
Can you guess what kind of spring deliciousness we are cooking up tonight? (Hint— it features pasture raised veal and produce from the farmers market!) 💚🍄‍🟫🌱🐂🫛🥔
Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate! 💛 

If you need a last minute gift, the farmers market is full of delicious goodies for you! (Psst— We also have gift cards available online if you can’t make it to the market!)
It’s great day to fire up the grill! Whether you are feeling chops or sausages, steaks or kebabs, we‘ve got you covered. Our pasture raised meats can be shipped straight to your doorstep, anywhere in the country! You can also pick up your order at the Marin County Farmers Market just about every Sunday. ♥️
These happy cows are spending their Sunday out here in the sunny pastures. Hopefully you are coming out to enjoy the sun at the Marin County Farmers Market today! 
🙋‍♂️ 🌞
Spring suppers are better with fresh English peas, morel mushrooms, and delicious pasture raised veal! Collect all the ingredients you need for your spring cooking dreams at the Marin County Farmers Market— this Sunday from 8 am - 1 pm!
Poultry that is truly free range, that has been fully raised on the pasture, just tastes different. Birds that have been allowed to forage for grubs and insects in the fresh air all day long have a different nutritional profile than birds that have been locked in cages. We believe that poultry raised in this way is more humane, more sustainable, more nutritionally sound. Plus, it is so much more delicious!
Ooh la la! @chefagain has made a beautiful spring meal highlighting Rossotti Ranch pasture raised veal roasted in herb butter, white beans with early tomatoes and olive oil, and @starroutefarms arugula and Parmesan. 

Feeling inspired? Come visit us at the farmers market today! We are here and waiting to say hi and help you pick out whatever you might need for the week ahead. The market has the best of spring produce available, so there is no shortage of inspirational ingredients! Happy Sunday 🌞
Our cows are free to live their lives out here on the pastures. They enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, the wide open coastal pastures, and they are never separated from their babes. We believe this is how we steward this land responsibly and humanely!
We‘re baaaack! Happy Sunday, and happy farmers market day! We can wait to see you in this lovely spring sunshine at a market bursting with fresh produce, lovely flowers, artisan breads and cheeses, and of course — our community‘s finest pasture raised meats. We are here until 1pm!
Grilling season sure is here! We’ve got all the most delicious cuts of pasture raised meat, perfect for firing up on the grill. We missed you at the farmers market last week — will we see you there this Sunday? ☀️ 🔥 🥩 ❤️
The sweetness of spring grasses make for the happiest of cows! Did you know our animals never see the inside of any pens or cages, and spend their whole lives out in the pastures? 🌱🐂🌞💚
GONE FISHIN! We are taking a little family vacation, so we will *NOT* be at the Marin Farmers Market today. Thank you for understanding as we stock up on some much-needed rest as a family. Can’t wait to see you next week!
Delightful spring produce and pastured raised goodness in the most perfect light. Looks delicious, @allfox ! 🥰😍😘
Sure does feel like spring around here! All of the bounty of this beautiful season will be available to you at tomorrow’s Farmers Market at the Marin Civic Center. Spring’s sweetest berries and produce, fresh baked breads, artisan cheeses, and of course, your favorite pasture raised meats. See you there! 😎
They say it’s spring, and they are right! We’ve got spring showers, spring flowers, and sweet, sweet grasses. Happy cows, indeed! 
Garganelli al sugo with braised Rossotti Ranch veal, green garlic, Meyer lemon, and parmigiano. Pasture raised spring perfection from @pennyroma_sf ❤️💛💚
A rack of veal for the weekend? Served alongside some heirloom flageolet beans, asparagus, and maybe some honey glazed carrots? Yes, please! Local, healthy, delicious, and perfectly festive for spring. 💛🌱
This is your chance to get all of your goodies for Easter! We have a wide variety of pasture raised meats available for you today, and the market has all of the delicious ingredients you need for your celebrations, as well as your weekday! The rain should mostly hold off, so you have no excuse. 😎 Join us in supporting our local foodshed here at the Marin County Civic Center Farmers Market! We‘ll be here from 8 am - 1 pm.
Easter is just around the corner! Perhaps skip the ham and the lamb this year in favor of juicy pasture raised veal chops, or a rack or veal, or even veal scaloppine! The mild flavor of our humanely raised veal pairs beautifully with traditional flageolet beans, or in a salad with hard boiled eggs, briny olives, and spring radishes. Drop by the farmers market this Sunday or visit us online to order your deliciousness before the big day. 💛💐🌤️
Get all the ingredients you need for an authentic Irish stew for today’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! We will be at the Marin County Civic Center Farmers Market until 1 pm. 🍀❤️ Our pasture raised veal absolutely shines in traditional preparations like this, letting the vegetables come together in harmony to support a rich, comforting bowl of happiness. 🍲 🍀
Spring sunshine, sweet green grasses, cool breezes, and wide open pastures. How much better could it get?!
Good morning sleepyheads! Daylight savings time can be tough, we know, but there’s no better way to power through than with a brisk walk in the fresh air! May we recommend the farmers market, where your lost hour of sleep can be compensated with a coffee and a pastry, and a bounty of groceries for the week ahead? We have all of your favorite cuts of pasture raised meats, and we’d love to say hello on this spring morning! 🌤️♥️
Imagine a place…

With lush coastal grasses,
Wide open pastures,
Gentle sunshine,
Spring rains,

Mama cows NEVER being separated from their babes. 

We believe these factors all combine to give us the happiest cows. We believe that the quality of our animals lives directly translates to the quality of our meat. We believe it is our privilege and our duty to care for the land, the animals, and our community. 

Thank you for being here with us! 


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FARMERS MARKET DAY! It’s our favorite day of the week and we are here for you until 1pm. Come enjoy a respite from the rain and stock up on all of this pasture raised deliciousness for the week ahead! (Okay, there might be a wee shower or two, but what is that to get in the way of supporting your local ranchers and farmers? 😉) Can’t wait to see you here!
Look at this work of art by @flourandwatersf! Anolini with Rossotti Ranch pasture raised veal, @dandelionchocolate cacao, coffee jus, pistachio salsa macha. This belongs in a museum — or our stomachs! 😍
It’s almost time for our favorite day of the week! Join your favorite ranchers and farmers at the market this Sunday and stock up on all the best local foods for the week to come. We’ll have an abundance of beautiful cuts of our pasture raised meats, and we are always happy to help you brainstorm what to cook. The Marin County Civic Center Farmers Market is open from 8 am to 1 pm every Sunday, and we can’t wait to see you there!
An image of utter contentment. We might be getting tired of the rain, but these cows sure are delighted with all of this green grass and the sure signs of spring!