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It’s meatball night! We love how versatile meatballs can be— you can serve them with all sorts of sauces and sides; put them in a sandwich; serve them over pasta; you can make them giant or bite-size or somewhere in between. We have two different meatball recipes on our website that utilize either our pasture raised veal or our grass fed goat! You can always substitute ground veal or ground goat in your favorite meatball recipes as well. 🍝 What’s your favorite way to eat meatballs?
Is anyone else in love with bone broth? 🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️Broth made from animals that are truly pasture raised is one of the most delicious, healthful, and sustainable things you can possibly cook or eat! Our veal bones are rich with collagen and minerals that make for spectacular broth, and by helping us use all parts of the animal, you are cooking in a more sustainable manner. Pasture raised veal bone broth is wonderful to sip on its own, and makes a great base for any number of soups, stews, braises, pastas, casseroles, and more. Find them in our webshop, Grotto Rossotti, or at the Sunday Marin County Farmers Market! 🥣🦴💚
A brand new babe for a brand new week! This little one is only a few moments old. 🌱💚 What a sure sign of impending spring! 
We are at the farmers market this morning! Will we see you there?
Our favorite weekend activity is coming up tomorrow morning— the Marin County Farmers Market! We will be there from 8am - 1 pm, and it is truly the best place to relax and enjoy yourself while shopping for your weekly groceries and supporting your local farmers and ranchers! Will we see your wonderful face there tomorrow?
Feeling immensely grateful for the chance to work on this land, with these animals, in this beautiful, breathtaking place. Captured this morning on the @malt_ag -protected Nicasio Ranch. 💚🌞💙
Our pasture raised chickens are *truly* pasture raised — they wander around the fields, nibbling on everything they could ever desire. Their meat is succulent, juicy, and intensely chicken-y. They always sell out and as of this Sunday, they are back! We only offer fresh chickens a handful of times every year, so if you would like to make sure you get yours, visit our webshop to order a fresh chicken for pickup at the farmers market this Sunday or pasture-to-door delivery of frozen chicken to your home.🌟
It’s a beautiful day for a stroll through the farmers market! We will be there from 8-1, and we can’t wait to enjoy this lovely brisk sunshine with you. The market is the safest and freshest way to stock your kitchen with local & sustainable produce, meats, cheeses while supporting your community’s farmers, ranchers, and artisans! 🌾💚
Whole roasted pasture raised veal shank, a centerpiece perfect for a comforting and convivial Saturday evening. 🍽 We don’t always have this cut with us at the farmers market, but when we do, it sells out super quickly! Will we see you at the market tomorrow? 🙋 (📷:
What is your favorite pastured raised veal dish? Osso buco, roast veal, meatballs, schnitzel? The list is endless, and ever growing! Try using veal in your favorite beef dishes— you’d be surprised at how much lighter they can feel, yet still so rich and full of flavor at the same time. 🥩♥️(📷: @electriccitybutcher 😍)
Happy mama, nibbling on fresh grass and hanging out with her babe. It’s so important to us that mother and calf aren’t separated— it is the humane thing to do! 💚
The sun is peeking out, we’ve got tons of gorgeous cuts of pasture raised veal and grass fed goat, and the farmers market is full of delightful treats for your Valentine’s Day! We will be here until 1pm, and we’d love to see your face! 💕
Some days, you just gotta take care of business yourself, you know?
Another gorgeous shot of our pasture raised veal from whole animal butchers @electriccitybutcher ! It makes us so proud and happy to see the care we give to our animals extend through to our butcher and restaurant friends! They are so contentious, taking care not to waste any part of the animal and truly honoring their lives. ♥️
Good Morning, friends! Time to get out of bed and head down to the farmers market! The market is open from 8am - 1pm. We are fully stocked with our delicious and healthy pasture raised veal & sustainable and tender grass fed goat! But if you don’t want to get out of bed quite yet, pop over to our online shop and we will deliver your order to your doorstep. 🌱
Our most popular offering at Grotto Rossotti, our online shop, is our 2021 Health Box! It’s chock full of some of our favorite cuts of delicious, pasture raised veal. It takes the guesswork out of the age-old “What’s for dinner?” question, and fits neatly in with all your New Year’s healthy eating goals! You can order one of these incredible boxes for delivery to your doorstep, *OR* you can order for pickup at the Sunday Marin County Farmers Market. We’ll be there this weekend!
The most amazing meat comes from the happiest animals living in the most beautiful place on this earth. 🌎🌱
Hi dear friends! We are at the farmers market this morning with all of your favorite veal and goat cuts, and we’d be so thrilled to see your faces out in the fresh morning air! The market is open from 8am-1pm and is fully stocked with the most delicious meats, veggies, cheeses, breads, and treats. 📷: @electriccitybutcher 😍🤩😋 (if you happen to be located in Southern California, check out these guys— they’re an amazing whole animal butcher shop!)
It’s always a good night for taco night, right? Pasture raised veal or grass fed goat? Hmmm. 😍🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Reminiscing on these beauties from @dillonbeachresort and wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!
Right about this time of year, we start craving something fresh, crisp, and bright. Our favorite veal loin salad with blue cheese is full of flavor, but still feels light and healthy! With fresh lettuces, crunchy radishes, hydrating cucumbers, sweet cherry tomatoes, and creamy blue cheese (preferably from our friend @pointreyescheese!), this salad is packed with protein that won’t weigh you down. Recipe is on our website under the COOK section, or at link in our profile. 💙
Running to the farmers market like...🐂🐂🐂🐂 Because guess what? WE’RE BACK! We are fully stocked with all your favorite cuts of our pastured raised veal and grass fed goat this morning, and we can’t wait to see you today!
🎉FRIENDS!🎉 We are back at the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market after a restorative few weeks off, and we are SO excited to see you! We will be fully stocked with all sorts of delicious pasture raised veal and grass fed goat, and we cannot wait to see your faces. 🌟 The market is open 8 am - 1 pm; please wear a mask and practice social distancing! 😎
Pasture raised veal is a meat you can feel good about eating. Not only is our veal environmentally responsible, and humanely raised, but the nutrition information is off the charts! It’s got more iron than chicken or pork and dramatically less fat than beef, chicken, or pork! It’s flavorful, savory, and yes— healthy. 🌱

We are back at the farmers market this weekend! Check out our online shop, Grotto Rossotti, and select your favorites for pickup at the Marin Civic Center on Sunday. 

📷: Rossotti Ranch Veal Piccata by @theprogress_sf ♥️
Mamas and babes. Did you know that we don’t separate calves from their mothers? They spend their whole lives right next to their moms, drinking their milk and nibbling on grass. Our calves never see crates or pens. We believe this is the humane way to raise meat that is healthful and delicious, and it’s also environmentally sustainable. 🌱🥰
As we are unable to join you at the farmers market this morning, we leave you with a bit of inspiration from our friends @chefico : the glorious, pasture raised Rossotti Ranch Veal carne cruda! Cannot wait until the day when we can all gather together in our favorite restaurants again. 🥰♥️
Dear friends! We are sold out of all of our delicious, humanely raised meats! So we will not be at the farmers market tomorrow morning, but we WILL be back and stocked up again on 1/24! If you’d like, you can drop us a line and let us know what cuts you’d like to reserve if you wish to pick up next week. Thank you for being such a supportive and wonderful community— we are so grateful for each and every one of you!
Moving pastures, finding the freshest grass! These are some very happy cows right here. 🌱 Making sure our animals have the best lives, with as little stress as possible, is absolutely integral to our ranch philosophy. It makes for happy, healthy animals and incredible, delicious meat. It helps protect the environment. It connects us to the land and our community and we are so lucky to do this work every day!
Good morning, happy Sunday! We will not be with you the Farmers Market today, but we will leave you with a little Sunday brunch-at-home inspiration instead! Pasture raised veal steak and eggs, with crispy potatoes and lemony hollandaise, anyone?
Hoya friends! We are still on a bit of a vacation, so we won’t be at the farmers market tomorrow morning. But we miss you all and can’t wait to see you soon! If you are desperate for some delicious pasture raised meat, you can always visit us in our online shop, Grotto Rossotti! 🌟
Just a cow, and some sweet, delicious grass. Wishing you all a (hopefully) calm and delicious weekend!
Stressful days call for a bit of comfort food, don’t you think? Pasture raised ground veal, blue cheese, arugula, bacon jam, and a brioche bun? 🙋‍♀️💜🙋‍♂️