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One of our succulent Cornish Game Hens beautifully prepared by a customer! We love seeing the creative and delicious meals you make with our pasture raised meats— tag us with #rossottiranch and we will always share our favorites!
Rancher Rocco will be with us at the farmers market this morning to sell his first beef calf! He’s so grateful to everyone who has already placed orders and he’s incredibly excited to continue our family legacy of providing food for our community. In addition to Rocco's beautiful veal, we will also have a full selection of fresh grass-fed goat and frozen whole chickens and Cornish game hens. We hope to see you there!
Hope you are all enjoying the warm weekend sunshine and green grass of spring! 
Will you be joining us at the market tomorrow to support Rocco’s ranching debut? We’d love to see your faces! 💚
Take some inspiration from @electriccitybutcher and try stuffing a pasture raised veal breast! These looks incredibly delicious— and they look perfect for a spring weekend project.
Just a reminder to place your order for Farmers Market pickup this Sunday, or delivery to your doorstep, if you’d like to support our budding rancher Rocco Rossotti! See our previous post for details on his sweet story. 
See you Sunday! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋
We are passing the torch . . . for one week! 
As some of you know, we (Tony and Julie) are from two different generational ranching families in Marin County. Our son Rocco represents the next generation of both our ranching families, and he is so very excited to continue this lineage! It has been our families’ passion, joy, and privilege to provide food for our local community, and it’s something we are proud to be able to pass on to the next generation. 
Over two years ago, we found an orphan calf out in the pasture. Rocco insisted on taking care of her, morning and night. He named her Sunny and has spent countless hours beside her, telling her stories and tending to her.
Eventually Sunny became a mama cow in her own right, and Rocco has been there every step of the way, tending to her and her calf and watching out for them here at our home ranch. For almost seven months this calf has lived in the pasture alongside Sunny, drinking her milk and eating sweet coastal grasses. 
This process has been the beginnings of a ranch education for him, as he is tracking all of the costs of raising, processing and preparing his calf for sale. We have begun passing the knowledge and traditions of our great great grandparents on to him. And so, this Sunday, Rocco is beyond thrilled to join us at the farmers market to sell his first calf!
We would love if you, our friends and community, could visit us at the market this weekend to help Rocco succeed in his goal of making his first sale and starting his college fund with the profit he makes from his calf. 
If you’d like to support Rocco you can order online from Grotto Rossotti.  ALL online veal orders placed this week, including half and quarter veal orders, will be fulfilled by Rocco from his calf.
It’s farmers market day! Our day to see all of our friends and chefs and customers in the community— YOU! Pasture raised veal, grass fed goat, and plump little Cornish games hens are waiting for you here at the Marin County Civic Center. Can’t wait to see you! 😍
You may have many types of favorite foods, but these cows can‘t get enough of their favorite dinner— sweet coastal grasses! Good thing they live their entire lives out in the pasture, and neither cow nor calf ever sees a confinement pen. 🌱💚
Have we ever told you how much we love our Cornish Game Hens? These petite birds are succulent and juicy and full of flavor— and we will have them at the farmers market This. Sunday. Last chance to preorder on our website for delivery to your door *or* farmer’s market pickup! 😍
One of our favorites is back this weekend— Cornish Game Hens! These small birds are fully pasture raised, living truly sweet lives out here on the ranch. Reserve yours by ordering online for home delivery OR farmers market pick up on Sunday. If we don’t sell out online first, we will have them available for purchase at the market this weekend!
Happy Easter, friends! We have decided to spend the day with family, so we will not be at our usual spot at the farmers market. However, our online webshop, Grotto Rossotti, is always open! Check us out there, or visit us at the market next Sunday. Whether you celebrate today or not, we hope you are having a lovely weekend! 
(📷: @karenpavonephotography)
Because we will not be at the Farmers Market tomorrow, we’ll share with you a sneak peek of something delicious yet to come later this month! 🐥🐥
Spring is just the best time of year! The grass is green, the sun is warm, and the babes are all out in force. Glad to be able to give them such a beautiful life in harmony with nature. 💚🌱
Absolutely stunning pasture raised #rossottiranch veal breast from our friends @electriccitybutcher! Think one of these might be in order for our Easter dinner this weekend! 😍
Last chance to say hello and get yourself all stocked up for Easter! We are at the Farmer’s Market this morning, with lots of choices for the holidays, weeknight dinners, even perfect grilling cuts now that the weather has turned quite spectacular. Hope to see you in San Rafael!
You never know what kind of friends the cows will make when they are out in the pasture! 🌱🍃💚 Preserving our natural ecosystem is a huge part of what we do, and we are proud to be able to do our part to protect all sorts of birds, bugs, and creatures!
Some days, you just need a juicy burger to get you to the weekend. Using pasture raised veal instead of beef makes for a supremely delicious burger! It’s got tons of iron, lower fat, it’s better for the environment, and the slightly milder flavor of the veal makes for a perfect palette for your favorite burger toppings. Blue cheese and arugula? Or mushrooms and swiss? Always so hard to decide... 😋🤩
Have you started thinking of your brisket for Passover or centerpiece roast for Easter yet? Big Ramadan plans in the works? Pasture raised veal or grass fed goat make the most delicious centerpieces for you spring holiday meals, no matter how many people gather around your table! We’d love to share more with you, and help you select the perfect cut for your family. We are at the Marin County Farmer’s Market this morning, with a lovely selection of fresh veal and goat— swing by for some springtime inspiration! 💕
Happy first day of spring from this sweet mama and babe! 💚🌱🌷
Remembering these gorgeous little ramp and veal tortelletti with morel mushrooms from @flourandwatersf! A perfect spring dish for a bit of date night inspiration. 💕💚💕
Happy St. Patrick’s Day from this year‘s preschool class and their doting teachers— er, mothers! 
It’s a beautiful day for a Farmers Market stroll, where you *could* pick up some pasture raised veal steak or chops to make the most awe-inspiring Steak & Eggs brunch for the folks waiting for you at home? What a pleasant way to make up for that lost hour of sleep! 🌞 We will be here until 1pm, and as always, we’d love to see your face! 👋
Thinking back to this gorgeous traditional birria featuring our grass fed goat made by @chefjayne. This classic Mexican stew is a true delight, and now that #birriatacos have positively taken over the internet, well... it seems like a good excuse to make up a batch! Find your grass fed goat stew meat at our weekly place at the Sunday Marin Farmers Market, or check out Grotto Rossotti, our online shop. 🌮🧀🐐
Just a few cows, enjoying the warm sunshine, the crisp air, and the lushest grasses. 🌱 Hope you all have a lovely weekend planned— perhaps a frolic through the Sunday farmers market is in order? 🌿💚🍃
This rainy little cold snap has us dreaming about pasture raised veal osso bucco, maybe with mushroom polenta, or perhaps the traditional saffron risotto? With a crisp green salad and a glass of local Syrah, we’d be set. What’s your favorite cold weather dish? 
(📷: @chefjayne 😍💕)
Good morning! Excited to see you all at the Farmers Market today! We’ve got lots of delicious cuts of pasture raised veal and grass fed goat, perfect for all of your spring-inspired dishes. Take a stroll through the market to get some inspiration and make sure to stop by and say hello! 🌱💚
Can’t get enough of these spring babe glamour shots! 💚🌱🌾 These cows get to live their entire lives right alongside their mothers, drinking their mamas’ milk and nibbling on cool coastal grasses.
It’s meatball night! We love how versatile meatballs can be— you can serve them with all sorts of sauces and sides; put them in a sandwich; serve them over pasta; you can make them giant or bite-size or somewhere in between. We have two different meatball recipes on our website that utilize either our pasture raised veal or our grass fed goat! You can always substitute ground veal or ground goat in your favorite meatball recipes as well. 🍝 What’s your favorite way to eat meatballs?
Is anyone else in love with bone broth? 🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️Broth made from animals that are truly pasture raised is one of the most delicious, healthful, and sustainable things you can possibly cook or eat! Our veal bones are rich with collagen and minerals that make for spectacular broth, and by helping us use all parts of the animal, you are cooking in a more sustainable manner. Pasture raised veal bone broth is wonderful to sip on its own, and makes a great base for any number of soups, stews, braises, pastas, casseroles, and more. Find them in our webshop, Grotto Rossotti, or at the Sunday Marin County Farmers Market! 🥣🦴💚
A brand new babe for a brand new week! This little one is only a few moments old. 🌱💚 What a sure sign of impending spring! 
We are at the farmers market this morning! Will we see you there?
Our favorite weekend activity is coming up tomorrow morning— the Marin County Farmers Market! We will be there from 8am - 1 pm, and it is truly the best place to relax and enjoy yourself while shopping for your weekly groceries and supporting your local farmers and ranchers! Will we see your wonderful face there tomorrow?