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It’s officially soup weather! No matter what type of soup you are cooking, a big batch of veal bone broth makes a perfectly versatile base. Add in veal sausage, a handful of kale, and a few Roma tomatoes, and you have the perfect simple supper that will warm you right up! 🥣

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With Thanksgiving firmly in the rearview, have you started contemplating Christmas dinner yet? Or your Hanukkah feast? Kwanza? Festivus?! 

We’ve got all sort of inspiration for you up on our website, including recipes like this veal roast with mustard shallot crust. This one will dazzle all of your friends at family at the holiday table. 💕

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Hope you are all enjoying this lovely long weekend with your family and friends. 💛 We are taking a much needed break and will not be at the farmers market this Sunday. 🌞 However, our online webshop, Grotto Rossotti, is always open for you!
Did you miss us at the farmers market last weekend? Wishing you had a chance to swoop up some game hens or other pasture raised goodness for your holiday feast this week? Well, tomorrow’s your chance! We will be at the *special* Wednesday Marin Farmers Market this week— a great way to get those last-minute items for your thanksgiving table. 💛 

We’ll be taking this Sunday off from the market so that we can celebrate a long weekend with family, so do drop by tomorrow if you’ll be needing something the following week! 

Hiya Friends! Hope all of your Thanksgiving preparations are going wonderfully! We will be at the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market tomorrow, as usual, and also the special *Wednesday* day-before-Thanksgiving market on 11/23. 

Did you know that free ranging Cornish game hens make an excellent alternative to turkey? Or that pasture raised veal meatballs  are the perfect holiday appetizer?? 😋 Just sayin’! 

We hope to see you tomorrow or Wednesday, but if not— Happy Thanksgiving! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋
Chilly autumn nights call for everyone’s favorite, Granny Corda’s Meatloaf! Made with our pasture raised veal and paired with fluffy mashed potatoes and a crisp green salad, and you’ve got one of the finest home cooked meals around! Recipe on our website— link in bio. 😍

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Howdy friends! Hope your weekend is going spectacularly. If you are in the mood for some fabulous shopping in the warm autumn sunshine, the farmers market has you covered. Come grab some lunch and stock up for the week ahead! ☀️
The beloved classic, Vitello Tonnato, featuring our pasture raised veal, made by our friends @altovinosf. Always love an excuse to drive to the city for dinner, and this one is irresistible! 😍

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All this lovely rain means that our cows soon get to enjoy their favorite meal— fresh green coastal grass! While they are out in the pastures through all the seasons, this one is always a delight. 💚🌱🌦
Happy farmers market day! There’s still about two hours left, and we’d love to see ya! It’s a great time of year for the market— you can still find fresh strawberries and juicy tomatoes alongside new crop apples and winter squashes— not to mention all of the delicious pasture raised meats and wild seafood! It’s a truly lovely day. ✨
Are we the only ones dreaming about big holidays feasts right now? Could this be the year we set aside the turkey for a juicy pasture raised veal roast? 😱 What’s your favorite autumn or winter holiday meal? We’d love to hear about your traditions!
Hope y’all are enjoying a fine weekend, and that you are planning on heading over to the farmers market tomorrow? It’s going to be a great one! We’ll have all sorts of pasture raised goodness for you, and we’d love to help you plan out your cooking for the week. 


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Life on our sweet ranch is never dull! Always grateful for every moment we get to spend on this land, with loved ones and our animals, as so many generations of our families have done before us.

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A little date night inspiration for you from @sf_octavia! We love to see what our favorite chefs create with our humane, pasture raised veal. 🥰 

We will be at the farmers market tomorrow, if you’d like try your hand at this masterpiece!
Hope you are finishing your week strong, like this little guy right here! 

We are back at the farmers market this Sunday, so make sure you pencil us in for your weekend plans! We’ll have so much delicious, pasture raised meats for all of your autumn cooking needs. 🌞
Gone FISHIN! Just to let you know, we are taking a little family break this weekend and we will not be at the farmers market on Sunday. 🎣
Our webshop, Gotto Rossotti, is always open for you, with nationwide doorstep delivery. 🥰

See you next week!
Pasta or modern art? These agnolotti from @flourandwatersf push the envelope of beauty! Featuring Rossotti Ranch pasture raised veal, Jimmy Nardello peppers, and oregano breadcrumbs, this feels like the perfect fall comfort food. 😍

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Good morning folks! We are here at the Marin County Farmers Market, for another glorious Sunday morning! We love this time of the week, when we get to connect with our community. Whether you are a home cook or a local chef, we relish the chance to chat and see how we can help you with our selection of pasture raised meats. The market is full of autumnal goodness, and there’s so much to see and eat! See you soon? We are here until 1pm. 


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As the sun sets on another week, we hope yours has been a good one— and that your weekend is filled with fun, relaxation, and delicious food! 


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Pasture raised veal “prosciutto cotto” with charentais melon, ricotta salata, and upland cress. @sf_octavia never fails to astonish and delight us! 
📷: @vonbekkol 😍🙏
There’s still time to head to the farmers market today to stock up on all your favorites— but if you just can’t manage to get out of your pajamas quite yet, our webshop is open for you! Grotto Rossotti can be found on our website, and it has tons of amazing specials and boxes full of pasture raised veal, grass fed goat, pastured poultry, even pet treats! 😍

Know your rancher, know your food. It’s a phrase we hear a lot, but we truly believe in the message. When you find ranchers and farmers who treat the environment and the animals with care and respect, in a way that aligns with your personal values, then you are supporting a sustainable and regenerative food system. You are voting for a better world with your dollars. You are buying local, and supporting folks in your community. And we are so grateful! 

Weekly PSA— the Marin County Farmers Market is tomorrow, on Sunday at the Civic Center. It’s a fabulous place to find all of the most amazing pasture raised meats, local produce, cheeses, wines, flowers, and so much more! We can’t wait to see you there. 💚
Reminding ourselves that the green grass will return once again, as it always does. 🌱 Our cows play an integral role in fertilizing the land, and we are grateful for our chance to help manage this beautiful ecosystem, home to thousands of different species of animals, insects, birds, and plants. Humane and sustainable ranching plays an integral role for our community, and we are always grateful for our opportunity to carry on this work. ☀️💚🤎

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Early autumn heat wave is perfect for a taco break! Love these ones by, featuring our pasture raised meats and other goodies from our fellow farmers market friends! 

Speaking of the farmers market— will we see your wonderful face at the Civic Center tomorrow? It’s going to be a glorious morning. We recommend coming early to beat the heat! ☀️
That’s one happy bull right there, hanging out with his ladies! 

Hope you are all enjoying as lovely of an autumn week as this fellow is. 🥰

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Feels like soup weather right about now! We’ll be at the farmers market tomorrow, rain or shine, if you’d like to stock up for all your fall weather comfort food needs.🍜😋❤️

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We think keeping cows and their calves together is the most humane way to raise veal. Letting these babes spend their whole lives right next to their mothers who birthed them, drinking their milk and nibbling on grasses, is the best way to ensure healthy, happy animals. We love getting the chance to help these mommas raise their young, out on the pastures, each and every day. 💛

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There’s a beauty in this land, even when the heat has baked the grasses and we all long for autumn‘s rain. The animals enjoy sunshine and shade, and those cool coastal breezes that always pick up, just when we need them. 

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Pasture raised veal tartare to celebrate the ending of this heat wave? To celebrate the end of summer? To celebrate the coming weekend? Do we even need a reason?? 😍

Dish and photo from the incomparable @sf_octavia 

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It’s a beautiful day to stroll the farmers market! Stock up for your holiday grilling, for your week ahead, or for your freezer. We’d love to say hi and help you pick out the perfect cuts of grass fed, pasture raised goodness for your family! 


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