Recently on the Ranch

Looking so forward to some clear(er) air, both at the ranch and the Sunday Marin Farmers Market! 🤞 Come join us at the market to stock up on all your favorite cuts, plus a selection of sausages, and stretch your legs a bit while having a safe shopping experience. Hope to see you there! 🌞
Have you made friends with your instant pot yet? It’s the absolute *best* tool for cooking delicious braises without heating up your whole kitchen! As the rest of the country seems blanketed with fall leaves and cozy sweaters, we here in California are still in the thick of our seemingly endless summer. In order to keep our temperatures low inside, and take some stress out of cooking, we turn to our instant pot to give us flavorful pasture raised veal and grass fed goat braises, perfect for tacos, sandwiches, or piled on top of mashed potatoes with savory gravy. Another benefit— that machine is FAST! Dinner in an hour, without making the kitchen all hot and steamy? Yes, please!
Mid-week date night! Gorgeous pasture raised veal is utter perfection with some compound butter, garlicky mashed potatoes, and creamed kale. Can’t get out to the steakhouse? This one is so easy to recreate at home! Now all you need is a big beautiful glass of Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon...
Missing this soft green grass today... we hope for rain, but we know it’s probably still some time away. That’s just cycle of the seasons in California! 🌿💚 We are at the Marin County Farmers Market at the Civic Center today, and we’d love to see you there! Seeing our friends and chefs and customers and neighbors at the market always warms our hearts. 🧡
One day in the future, we will be maskless under a blue sky again. Until then, we are here for you, at the Sunday morning Marin Civic Center Farmers Market, or online, 24/7, in our webshop, Grotto Rossotti. 🧡
Is there anything more comforting than a beautiful skillet of roast pasture raised chicken, especially when the world just seems overwhelming? Responsibly raised meats make us feel better, inside and out! Hope you are all safe and well, friends. (Gorgeous Photo Credit: @alannadesalvonutrition 🧡)
Hope you all are staying safe in this sweltering heat! We’d like a moment to thank those of who are working so tirelessly to take such care of our community. 🧡 Firefighters battling the blazes around our state, doctors, nurses, and healthcare techs who have been working overtime since the start of the pandemic, and all the other essential workers who have been feeding us and caring for our needs. And our hearts are with those struggling to keep working or even to find work after losing their jobs. Thank you all for all that you do! #laborday2020
We are at the farmers market today, for all of your Labor Day, weekly meal prep, and dinner-cooking needs! Can’t wait to see your mask-wearing faces! (Gorgeous 📷: @ildonmagnanimo 🤩)
Veal doesn’t have to be some fancy-schmancy special occasion dinner. Follow @flourandwaterpastashop’s lead and made a #rossottiranch veal brisket Philly cheesesteak! (Or just head down there and pick up one for yourself!)
Ranch life means we are always here, always doing our chores, always putting our animals first, and always thinking about how we can make our customers’ lives a little easier. We love our community and we are so proud of how everyone seems to band together during fire season. Fire season during a pandemic is a doozy, isn’t it? Let us know how we can help you. What would make your cooking life at home easier? We love you, friends.
*Limited Quantities of Goat Sausage at the farmers market today!* We only able to offer these delectable treats very occasionally, and we‘ve got them today! Make a visit to the market this morning (masks on for Covid & smoke protection, please!) OR stay in your jammies and place an online order in our webshop, Grotto Rossotti. 🌞
Whether you need the simple comfort of ground veal, the easy elegance of veal sausage, or the flexible versatility of veal kebabs, we have you covered. Steaks? Roasts? Bones for the most delicious broth imaginable? We’ve got all those too. All pasture raised in the most humane and sustainable manner around. 💚🌞
How is everyone doing out there? The smoke comes and goes, the fires are still burning, and the cows, goats, and hens still need tending. Farm chores still need doing. So proud of our resilient community and sending everyone strength and love! We are always here for you, whether at the Sunday farmers market, or online in our webshop, Grotto Rossotti. Let us know how we can help you!
We are here for you at the farmers market today! Grab your mask, your shopping bag, and your sunny self because we’ve got lots of delicious cuts of pasture raised meats for you to inspire you through a tough week ahead. Stay safe and strong, friends!
One thing we can always count on in tough times is the resiliency of our community. And this Sunday, like every Sunday, the Marin County Farmers Market will be open to support our community that needs fresh local  food and the farmers, ranchers, and producers who depend on the market to make their living. We will be there to serve you however we can, and we are also here online for those who need to stay inside and would prefer food shipped pasture-to-door. Stay strong, friends!
Oh, friends, it is that time of year again. Though we are surrounded by fires, our ranch and our family’s historic ranch in Point Reyes are safe for now. We are thinking of our neighbors in Sonoma, Napa, and all of California as we head into an incredibly trying fire season. Stay safe, and stay strong! 🧡
Thunder, rain, or blistering sun, the Sunday Marin Farmers Market is always open for you with fresh, tasty, local meats, produce, dairy, and bread!
Chili Fusilli with Veal Bolognese sounds like just the spicy comfort food we need this weekend! Get yours from @flourandwatersf as soon as you can! 😍
Ready for this heat wave? Even in the height of summer’s heat, our cows are so happy out in the pasture, seeking shade from the trees whenever they feel the need. The cool coastal breezes really help, when we can get them! 💙
How about a little veal brisket to give you some mid-week motivation? We love cooking one of these up on Sunday, and using the meat to make sandwiches and salads and burritos and breakfasts all week long! Certainly helps cure our Tuesday blues! Know that this meat is humanely raised in a sustainable manner on cool coastal pastures makes it taste that much better. 🥰
What’s your favorite thing to cook on Sunday? Are you an all-day in the kitchen type, or do you prefer to cook as quickly as possible so you have more time to play outside in the sun? We are partial to breaking out our instant pot so that we can prep a bunch of things for the week ahead, while still leaving time for fun (and ranch chores!) Plus, we have to have enough time to visit with all of our friends and customers at at the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market! We’ll be here until 1pm today, stocked with all sort of great cuts of pasture raised veal, grass fed goat, and whole free range chickens. Come say hi! 👋 🌞🧡 (beautiful 📷: @mateoshealdsburg 😍)
This babe looks ready for the weekend— how about you?! Any fun plans to help de-stress from the craziness that is 2020? We’ll be at the farmers market this Sunday if you want to chat!
What did we do with that beautiful braised veal shank last night? TACOS! Crispy, savory, fresh, complex, bright, delicious summertime tacos! Braised veal is so versatile, and tacos are but one of our many favorite ways to enjoy it, even in this hot sunshiney weather. 🌞
Whole veal shank is a specialty cut and we have a teeny tiny supply every weekend. And every single weekend it sells out! After a lovely slow braise, the meat can be used in a dozen different ways, with a wide variety of cuisines perfect for any season. Would you guys be interested in learning more about how we use this incredibly tender and flavorful cut of pasture raised veal? Drop us a comment below and maybe we will write up a blog post about it!
One of the best ways to truly appreciate the life of the animal, as well as one of the best ways to eat meat mindfully and play your part in lessening our effects on climate change, is to embrace whole animal cooking. When you make use of every part of the animal, you not only honor its life— you make raising it more efficient. By ensuring none of it goes to waste, you help make sure all of the resources used to raising this animal aren’t wasted. And since we can’t think of a better way to raise and eat meat sustainably, we’ve put whole animal shares on sale in our webshop, Grotto Rossotti. Link in bio for more details!
So you probably know us because of our pasture raised veal, but did you know we also raise grass fed goat? Goat is one of the healthiest, most sustainable, and all-around delicious meats you can possibly eat! We’ve got a wide selection of cuts for you to choose from this weekend at the Sunday Marin Farmers Market, and we have lots of tips on how to cook it. Drop by and stock up your kitchen for the week ahead!
Gotta love a pizza that has house cured #rossottiranch veal pepperoni! Massively craving this deliciousness from @chefico right now 🍕🍕🍕Love seeing all the creative ways to use up all parts of the animal. We’ve actually got some fabulous deals on whole animal shares right now, if you want to mosey on over to our webshop to check them out! (📷: @chefevanallumbaugh 😍)
Hi all! We are wearing our masks and practicing our social distancing (better than these two!) down at the Marin County Farmers Market today! There’s still time to get over here and get your groceries stocked up for the week ahead. 🌞
What a fine little slice of the weekend right here! Succulent #RossottiRanch veal bratwurst, prepared by Pick yours up at the Marin County Civic Center Farmers Market tomorrow morning! 🤩
When was the last time you had a fresh pasture raised chicken? One that has eaten grass and bugs and all sorts of foraged goodness? Would you believe us if we told you that these birds have the most succulent meat, and are so juicy you have to question if you are really eating chicken?! We raise a very small amount of these free ranging chickens and Cornish game hens, and only have fresh ones available a few times a year! If you want to experience what truly pastured birds *really* taste like, now is your chance! We have a small number available right now, so we highly recommend ordering online to reserve yours! We can ship anywhere in the country, or you can order for pickup at this Sunday’s Marin Farmers Market. 🐔🧡🤩