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Food is art! In the hands of talented artist chefs like @nico_9123 @sf_octavia, it can be truly stunning. This dish features Rossotti Ranch pasture raised veal tartare dressed in ramp pesto with flowers and greens from @mediumfarm, photographed by @troxphotos at the farm itself. We love witnessing these brilliant collaborations and are so proud to partner with the incredible chefs in our community.
Can‘t wait to see you at the Sunday Marin Farmers Market! It really is the most magical time of year at the market, and there’s so many delicious meats, produce, cheeses, breads, and treats for you to choose from! Will we see you there? 🙋🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🌞
Well, that’s it. Autumn is officially here, and that means it is Roasting Season! It may not have the same verve as grilling season, but we don’t care! There is nothing better than pulling a juicy roast pasture raised veal from the oven, enjoying it with mashed potatoes and garlicky broccolini, then getting to enjoy leftovers for the week to come! 🍂♥️🍁
Hello Point Reyes! Two generations here at @point_reyes_farmers_market until 2 pm today! Drop by this darling market and make a day of it here on the coast. 🙋🙋‍♂️
✨ Pop Up Alert! ✨ We will be making a special appearance at the @point_reyes_farmers_market this Saturday from 9 am - 2 pm! This lovely market is full of local gems, including another special guest, @hogislandoysterco! We’d love to see you there—the weather should be absolutely perfect! Of course, if you can’t make it, we will still be at our usual spot at the Marin County Civic Center Farmers Market on Sunday. 👋 
 Can’t wait to see you this weekend! 
@aginstituteofmarin @malt_ag
Can’t wait to see you on Sunday at the Farmers Market! We will have all sorts of pasture raised goodness for you, and the market is full of the absolute best produce of the year. Stock up for the week ahead and enjoy some of this fine September weather!
The days may still be warm, but the evenings are promising that it’s about to be Bolognese season! Pasture raised veal makes the silkiest and most flavorful sauce, in our opinion! 😍
Getting to raise the next generation on this land that our families have stewarded for a combined 9 (!) generations is one of the most meaningful parts of our job. Not a bad way to grow up, we think! 😉
We are positively swooning over this stunning dish from @sf_octavia ! Tortelli layered with tomato, spinach, and egg yolk pasta, Rossotti Ranch pasture raised veal belly, chanterelles, cannellini beans, and potato garum butter! How insanely delicious does that sound and look?! 😍😍😍
The only place we enjoy being at more than our beautiful ranch is our favorite farmers market— which is happening right now!! Join us at the Marin Civic Center today until 1pm to stock up on your favorite pasture raised meats, seasonal vegetables and fruits, local cheeses, and so much more. 💚
No matter how good your Saturday has been, it can’t top this bull‘s day with his ladies! 😍😘
No matter what the weather is, or what the calendar says, we can never get enough meatballs. They are our favorite way to incorporate super nutritious ground offal in with our ground pasture raised veal or grass fed goat. We love serving them with a hearty tomato sauce, with mushrooms and a creamy gravy, or even on a splendidly messy sandwich. What’s your favorite way to enjoy meatballs? We’d love to hear your recipes!
Another weekend out in the pastures with these guys. 💙💛 Practicing sustainable ranching and grazing means that we are nurturing these animals, and this land, for this generation and the next. As our ramily has been doing here since 1892!
Deliciously savory. Perfect seared, sautéed, or best of all— on the grill. Our limited production of grass fed goat sausages will be available this Sunday at the Marin Farmers Market only! Swing by between 8 am and 1 pm to get yours.
Feeling that back-to-school, autumn is just around the corner vibe yet? 🤭 We love summer, and all of the glorious produce that comes along with it. Though we have to say, a break in the heat and a bit of rain would make us all very happy indeed! 

Still, with views like these, we can’t complain— and neither can our cows! They sure do enjoy themselves out there.
Happy Sunday, y‘all! It’s a lovely day for a farmers market stroll, and we are so happy to be here with you. Getting to be a part of our local foodshed is an honor and a privilege. Thank you for all of your support, week after week! ❤️
Busy late summer nights call for simple, yet utterly delicious dinners! Can’t go wrong with some pasture raised veal steaks and a garden salad. 💗🌞🥰
Another glorious day in the pastures! 
Always so grateful for another year, another summer, another generation out here on this land. 
Firing up the grill for some pasture raised veal chops tonight! All they need is some fresh bread, maybe a few ears of grilled corn and thick slices of zucchini, and perhaps a salad with greens from the garden? 🌱🥰

You can pick up all of this and more at the Sunday Marin County Farmers Market. We’ll be there from 8am to 1 pm!
Gentle sunshine on the pastures makes for some happy cows. ☀️ So grateful we can give them these beautiful days in this beautiful life! 🤎🌱
It’s the best day of the week and we are here for you! Come discover the delights of the market and stock up on all of your favorite pasture raised meats, including some of our limited seasonal goodies! 😉

We will be here until 1pm. See you soon!
Some summer nights call for juicy roast free range chicken, a fresh tomato tart, and a crisp green salad. Don’t forget the icy cold rosé! 🍗🍅🥬🍷

Find our pasture raised meats online at our webshop, Grotto Rossotti, or at the Sunday Marin County Farmers Market.
It’s a beautiful day for a farmers market stroll! We can’t wait to see you and help you plan out your meals for the week. The market is bursting with inspiration and it’s just such a glorious season of bounty. We will be here until 1pm!
Summer in the pastures cannot be beat. 🧡
When you can’t decide between burgers, sausages, kebabs, ribs, steaks or chops, why not have them all? It’s a great excuse for a party! If that seems too crazy, just pick your top three. Pasture raised and grass fed meats from a sustainable ranch make the best mixed grill platters, in our opinion! 😜😍
Sunday is the day!! Our seasonal grass fed beef will be available fresh at the Marin County Civic Center Farmers Market, from 8am to 1 pm. It’s going to be another hot one, so come early and bring a hat! 🌞♥️
Grass Fed Beef is here!

Our seasonal grass fed beef will be available at this Sunday’s farmers market, and we are SO EXCITED to share it with you. These cows were born and raised on pasture at our Historic H Ranch on the Point Reyes Peninsula, to the same high standards as our pasture raised veal. And it is delicious! Check out Grotto Rossotti to purchase your box— you can have it shipped to your door or select farmers market pickup at checkout. 💚💚💚
Goooone FISHIN! We are taking a much needed breather to have some relaxing family time, so we will not be at the Farmers Market this weekend. We can’t wait to see y’all when we get back! 🌞
From our family to yours, Happy 4th of July! ♥️🤍💙
First heat wave of the season calls for deliciously juicy pasture raised burgers! Plan a trip to the farmers market this weekend to stock up for the 4th of July next week! ♥️🤍💙

 ** Please note that the market will be held at Northgate Mall this Sunday, due to the annual Marin County Fair. See you there! **