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Instagram post 2117193214473949076_654704407 We are pretty firm believers that if you eat meat, it’s best to use the whole animal — even the parts you might not be used to cooking or eating! Offal. Bones. Head. There’s a time, place, and recipe for everything. When you use all the special bits, you are honoring the life of the animal, helping protect the environment, and further supporting local ranchers. A win in our book!
Instagram post 2115019473786633017_654704407 The always talented @davidnayfeld has done it again! This #rossottiranch veal chop and veal strip loin dish looks like a piece of edible art. ♥️💚 Our wholesale customers like @chefico purchase our veal by the whole animal, so dishes like these are always in limited quality. Make sure to follow them if you want to be alerted to specials like this one!
Instagram post 2113342155905293065_654704407 Sunday funday! These ladies get to stuff their faces, and we suggest you get yourself down to the Marin Farmer’s Market to do the same! We’ve got lots of fresh veal cuts for you, and our neighboring stalls are overflowing with fresh summer produce! Tomatoes and peaches and corn and peppers and greens... everything you could need for a glorious August feast. See you soon!
Instagram post 2112190038301649134_654704407 Hai. Happy cows, chillin in the shade on hot days... love getting to work with these beauties all day, every day!
Instagram post 2110004143837200334_654704407 What’s your favorite hot weather food? We love using goat meat to make these goat carnitas tacos! Paired with a little salsa from our garden tomatoes, maybe an ice cold beer or margarita? That’s a sustainable summer supper we can get behind!
Instagram post 2108195678064099714_654704407 Top o’ the morning to you! It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day, and we’d love to say hi to you at the Marin Farmer’s Market this morning.🌞🧡☺️ Seeing your smiling faces and answering all your questions about humanely raised veal is the highlight of our week!
Instagram post 2107820934399778185_654704407 Now this is a dinner menu we can get behind! Love seeing traditional dishes like osso bucco being honored in darling restaurants like @lalimes in Berkeley. What’s your favorite classic veal dish?
Instagram post 2106394112298572273_654704407 We love seeing our pasture raised veal in the hands of talented chefs like @chefspencersonoma in beautiful settings like @williamsselyemwinery! 🧡
Instagram post 2105651194893808567_654704407 Did you know that Rossotti Ranch represents nine generations of west Marin ranching heritage? We’ve been a part of this community since before we were born, and our goal is to help preserve the ranching tradition and the environment for the community long after we are gone. 🧡
Instagram post 2103131295612980988_654704407 As small, ranch-to-table producers, farmer’s markets are vital to the health of our business. Being at the market every week gives us a chance to answer questions about our ranching practices, give cooking advice for different cuts of meat, and lets us meet some of our loyal customers! If you’d like to read some of our favorite tips on how to make the most of your market visit, click through the link in our profile to check out a blog post we wrote about it. Then come on down to the Marin Civic Center Farmer‘s Market this morning and say hi! (And yes, this is a non-photoshopped image of Julie chatting it up at the Point Reyes Farmers Market with Prince Charles and Camilla a few years back!)
Instagram post 2102409147151995436_654704407 We are making a special guest appearance at the Point Reyes Farmer’s Market this morning! We’ll be at the @malt_ag Meet The Locals booth inside the barn— with sausage samples to share! The @ptreyesfm runs from 10am-1pm, and we’d love to see your faces today!
Instagram post 2102040775969148018_654704407 Leisurely strolling home after a relaxing day in the pasture.... what a rough life these cows have!
Instagram post 2101309626104303061_654704407 “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” -J.R.R. Tolkien 😍💪🏻🧡
Instagram post 2100582659452799553_654704407 Rack of veal is a celebration. We tend to cook it more in winter, when there’s always another holiday or festive gathering around the corner. But did you know that it is supremely delicious when grilled as well? That puts this cut of veal firmly in the Elegant BBQ category (Is that a thing? It should be a thing.) Paired with a juicy tomato-basil-burrata salad and some grilled summer squash, and you’ve got a truly lovely summer dinner party! (📷: @pbondick)
Instagram post 2098077349353632044_654704407 Hope you are all enjoying this brilliant summer weather! We’re at the farmer’s market this morning, but if you don’t get a chance to visit us, our online shop, Grotto Rossotti, is always open! 🌞
Instagram post 2097674674736934575_654704407 We’ll see you tomorrow morning with allll your favorite cuts of veal, PLUS fresh chickens! Our birds are incredibly delicious— juicy and succulent! They lead honest-to-goodness pasture raised lives and get to forage for bugs and other goodies in the fields. This makes for a happier chicken that is far more flavorful than your average bird, one that is better for the environment, and healthier to boot! We hope to see you tomorrow morning— it looks like it will be a stunningly beautiful day. 🌞🐓🐂🧡
Instagram post 2096886190640011015_654704407 Too hot to cook? We feel you! We put together some great ideas for ways to use your Instant Pot to make the best summer dinners ever (without heating up your kitchen). Check out the link in our bio to read our tips!
Instagram post 2095510099853626832_654704407 Brillant sunshine, cool water, open pastures. What a world for our cows to enjoy! 🧡💙💚
Instagram post 2093077244183674303_654704407 Working hard or hardly working? Happy happy Sunday, everyone!
Instagram post 2092619082137848589_654704407 Veal loin for a Saturday date night? Don’t mind if we do! ♥️ What’s your go-to favorite date night dish? (📷: @kf_haas)
Instagram post 2091878780988885576_654704407 Animals raised on pasture instead of in a feedlot are happier and healthier. They are also better for the environment— they help keep keep native grasses in check. All that fresh air and sunshine also has the wonderful effect of making the meat taste incredibly flavorful and delicious! We love what we do and are so happy to be able to provide this amazing life for our cows. 🧡
Instagram post 2090438457943874086_654704407 Ok, we see you, #nationalhotdogday, and while we appreciate a good dog as much as anyone, we tend to prefer a juicy and complexly flavored veal or goat sausage most nights! We’ve usually got a variety available for sale at the farmer’s market, and they are *perfect* for the grill. Or, if you want to get a little fancy, we have a recipe up on our site that details our favorite method of braising our sausages in a rich wine sauce! Link is up in our bio if you’d like to check it out! 🔥👩‍🍳👨‍🍳🥂
Instagram post 2087906096294897133_654704407 Ground veal is your secret weapon when you are looking for something flavorful, healthy, fast, economical, humanely raised, and just plain delicious for dinner. Grill juicy burgers, braise some bolognese, bake a tender meatloaf, or fry up some perfect little meatballs— the possibilities are truly endless! Order some online at our webshop, Grotto Rossotti, or drop by the Marin Civic Center Farmer‘s Market to stock up! (Veal bolognese 📷: @stonerootfieldandsea 🙌)
Instagram post 2087541122733106132_654704407 This wee one wanted to vogue for the camera. Utterly fabulous!
Instagram post 2086817028282570603_654704407 So much veal, so little time! But we know it can be a bit overwhelming, all those different cuts of meat that you might not be familiar with. So we‘ve got some handy recipes and helpful tips to guide you up on website. Check out the link in our bio!
Instagram post 2086083639313360186_654704407 Indulgent looking little beauties right here! These are #rossottiranch veal ravioli with brown butter from @chefico. We love partnering with restaurants that understand our mission— to provide a full pasture-to-plate experience and sell our humanely raised meats direct to chefs and home cooks. 🧡 (thanks to @sffoodjournal for the 📷! 🙌)
Instagram post 2084640127422113318_654704407 Sunset magic. Allowing these beautiful animals a chance to live their entire lives out in our pastures, to experience the sunrises and sunsets, is what motivates us every day.
Instagram post 2082893134811136238_654704407 Happy Sunday, everyone! We are at the farmer’s market this morning, which has been moved for the day to the Northgate Mall parking lot. Come check us out in our temporary new digs and stock up on fresh cuts of veal, goat, whole chickens, and fresh sausages! ♥️
Instagram post 2082409816638516086_654704407 How do you make a veal chop into the perfect summer dish? @chefico has it figured out, pairing it with summer squash, cherries, and peaches!
Instagram post 2081049681286559747_654704407 Hope you all have had the most wonderful holiday, filled with parades, watermelon, and backyard burgers!