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An image of utter contentment. We might be getting tired of the rain, but these cows sure are delighted with all of this green grass and the sure signs of spring!
More stormy weather calls for more comfort food! Granny Corda’s Meatloaf recipe uses our pasture raised veal and is up on our website. (Link in profile.) Stay cozy, friends! ♥️
Now that’s a pasture with a view! Our cows sure do lead a lovely life out here in these lush coastal grasses.
Get yourself ready for the Big Game with a morning trip to the Marin County Farmers Market Sunday morning! We will be there with all of the game day meats you could want. 😍 Sausages? Tacos? Burgers? Steaks for the grill? Pasture raised meats for the win! 
(Oh, and Go Niners, obviously🥰) 
These winter rains seem neverending, but they sure do make for some verdant green pastures! Our cows love nothing more than spending their mornings and afternoons lounging and snacking. 🌱💚🌿
@altovinosf never disappoints. 😍😍😍
With a return of rain and wind, we turn again to soups and stews! Favorite weeknight tip: use pasture raised veal sausage as the base for a hearty soup that is warm, filling, and fast. Bonus points if you use a heap of fresh greens from the farmers market! 🥣🥬⛈️
WE ARE BACK! What a fantastic morning to return to the Marin County Civic Center farmers market. How does it feel like spring already?? We have missed you — come by and say hello. 👋 We will be here until the market closes at 1pm. 🙋‍♂️
All this rainy weather has us craving some *serious* bolognese. We like to use a mix of pasture raised meats, some bone broth, and the best parmigiano reggiano we can get our hands on! Now the real question is should we serve it with pappardelle, or go all out with a lasagna?
Just a reminder, we are on our last day of winter break, so we will NOT be at the Marin Farmers Market this morning. But we absolutely cannot wait to see you next Sunday, January 28! 💚
Do you know that offal is a superfood? One of our favorite ways to use pasture raised veal liver is in a savory pâté. It is also wonderful when mixed with ground veal to make absolutely phenomenal meatballs. Offal is a nutrient dense food, and pasture raised offal is not only higher in terms of of nutrients, but also flavor and sustainability. Check out the Cook section of our website to find our recipe for Superfood Meatballs or let us know your favorite ways to use offal in the comments below!
It’s pasta weather! Creamy wild mushrooms over pappardelle served alongside pasture raised veal steak make the perfect stormy meal. 

We will not be at the Marin Farmers Market this Sunday, but our online shop is always open for you! 🥰
New Year’s goal every year: Eat. More. Salad! We love using pasture raised veal loin because it is so lean, while remaining full of iron, protein, and flavor! We like it with blue cheese crumbles and tomatoes, but it’s also perfect with winter squash and farro, or even kale and crispy croutons. You simply cannot go wrong. 🌱❤️
Hope everyone is enjoying a splendid start to 2024! We are kicking off the new year with a little rest and family time. 🥰 We will not be at the farmers market the next few weeks, but our online shop, Grotto Rossotti, is always open for you! 😚
Last storm of the year has called for hearty soup! This one is made with #rossottiranch veal bone broth and fresh veggies from the farmers market. Add in a few Gruyère toasts and we are feeling nice and cozy. ☺️

 Come join us Sunday for the last market of 2023! We’ll be at the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market from 8 am - 1 pm.
Excuse us while we ogle this beautiful #rossotiranch Pasture Raised Veal Carne Cruda from @flourandwatersf .  It’s their version of tartare, mixed with a brunoise of Parmigiano Reggiano, and finished with crispy potato and egg yolk. Just, wow. 😍❤️🫠 @chefryanpollnow
Whether you need a pasture raised veal scallopini for Christmas Eve, or a roast for Christmas Day, we’ve got you covered! We’ll be at the Marin County Farmers Market tomorrow morning, ready with gift cards and so many amazing cuts of pasture raised meats to fit any type of holiday feast you’ve got planned! ❤️
Need a last-minute gift idea? Treat someone you love with the gift of humane, sustainable, pasture raised meat. Gift cards are available online at our web shop, Grotto Rossotti, any time. Or pick one up at the Marin County Farmers Market on Sunday! 💚❤️
Pasture raised veal short ribs with polenta! We asked y‘all what we should serve with these incredibly tender short ribs, and the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of polenta. 🌽 🤎 This was the perfect cold weather meal: elegant enough for a dinner party or even Christmas Day, and homey enough for a chilly Tuesday. 

Have you thought about Christmas dinner yet? We will have some incredible options for you at the Marin County Farmers Market this Sunday, if you want to drop by for some ideas! 😍
Preparing pasture raised veal short ribs for a festive winter dinner party. Should we go with polenta or mashed potatoes on the side? Or perhaps risotto!? We‘ll be sure to serve it alongside a fresh green salad with greens from the farmer’s market. 🌱❤️
Happy holidays and Happy Sunday! We are at the farmers market this morning with lots of beautiful pasture raised cuts perfect for your December table. From pasture raised veal to grass fed goat and free range poultry, we’ve got you covered for Hanukkah, Christmas, and everything else festive and fabulous this season. 💚
The pasture raised veal shank is the perfect centerpiece for a smaller holiday dinner. With roasted root vegetables, and pasta or polenta to soak up the juices, it’s a warming meal full of deliciousness. These are rare and go quickly, so please inquire via email to secure one, or try your luck by coming early to the farmers market on Sunday mornings! 

📸: @altovinosf ❤️
Happy Sunday, folks! We can’t wait to see you at the glorious Marin County Farmers Market, the absolute best place to support your local ranchers and farmers and connect with the community. It’s such a special time of year, and you can feel the magic and excitement building. Will we see you today? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋
Happy December! We get to start planning our holiday feasts! Pasture Raised Veal Breast for Christmas, Brisket for Hanukkah, tender scallopini for a dinner party?! Sign us up. Remember we can ship anywhere in the USA, so you can always send a box to meet you if you’ll be spending the holidays elsewhere. ❤️ And we will be at the Farmers Market on Sundays if you want to chat over your holiday options! ✨
Hi friends! We are taking the day off this Sunday to recover from the holiday and spend some quality time with family.💚 Can’t wait to see you at next week’s farmers market!
The night before Thanksgiving, we like to keep it simple. Grilled veggies, grilled pasture raised veal, and a fresh salad. Have to keep that oven free for all of the pies! 😋😉

Hope you all have a safe and joyous holiday, friends. 🤎
Sunday is the day to get yourself to the farmers market to prepare for the cooking Olympics this week! If you have a smaller crowd this year, we love the tradition of giving everyone their own personal Cornish Game Hen. And our pasture raised chickens are incredibly juicy and flavorful. Need appetizer ideas? How about mushrooms stuffed with pasture raised veal sausage, or even tiny cocktail meatballs with ground grass fed goat? The market is packed with inspiration and a bounty of autumn produce, so you can check everything off your shopping list. 🍁Can’t wait to see you Sunday!
Bring on the rain! Autumn showers bring green green grass for our animals to enjoy. As they spend their whole lives out in the pasture, they couldn’t be happier with this return of the drizzle. 💚
Good morning friends! A lovely day for a farmers market visit, and our favorite day of the week! We truly love getting to see your faces and chat about our dinner plans for the week. 💛 We are here until 1pm!
Our families have been tending this land and feeding this community for a combined nine generations. We are so proud to continue our heritage and preserve this beautiful place for generations to come. 💛