Pasture Raised Duck & Chicken

In true Rossotti Ranch spirit, we are raising very small flocks of Pastured Ducks and Chickens, so our supply is limited.  Fresh Duck & Chicken is available at the Marin Farmers’ Market in San Rafael on Sundays – Pre-Orders are recommended.

In a wonderful synergy of nature, not only are our pasture raised ducks and chicken healthy for us and  for the  land,  they are deliciously rich in flavor and tenderly smooth on the palate. Our duck or chicken will make your next dinner a succulent affair that is sure to  impress any guest.

Ducks and Chickens are omnivores… so it is very important for them to be outside where they can eat bugs, worms, seeds and grass. Eating a varied diet keeps them healthy and happy. We work with nature and allow our ducks and chickens access to outside as soon as they are large enough. In addition to what they harvest themselves, our ducks and chickens are fed a special local feed blend.
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