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The New Kids in Town in the North Bay

Here Magazine – July 2, 2010

Most of the customers who come to Julie Rossotti’s goat meat stand at the Marin Farmers Market on Sunday mornings know something about the product they’re buying. Many have heard that goat is low in cholesterol and high in protein. More than a few know Rossotti’s goats are grass-fed from her organic pasture in northern Marin. Those who know Rossotti, a fourth-generation Marin rancher, know the pride she and her husband take in making sure their goats are humanely treated.

Marin’s Farmers Hang on Despite Drop in Milk Prices

Marin Independent Journal – Monday June 21, 2010

Julie Rossotti has launched a business selling grass-fed goat meat at Marin’s Farmers Market this year. It is one of the few areas in Marin agriculture that are growing.

Goat Breaks into Bay Area Menus

San Francisco Chronicle – June 6, 2010

High in iron and relatively low in fat, goat offers more than just milk.