Ranch Recipes

Goat Recipes

Spit-Roasted Whole Kid Goat – There is possibly no greater culinary spectacle than a whole animal turning on a spit over hot coals. Roasting the whole goat also makes it easy to feed a crowd. The flavors in this recipe are some of goat’s favorites: rosemary, garlic, and lemon. The garlic and rosemary are inserted into slits in the meat to infuse the whole goat with their flavors.

Grill-Roasted Boneless Leg of Goat - A leg of goat meets its destiny on the grill. Lacquered by fire, its affinity for the aromatics of forest herbs and garlic are enhanced. It is our opinion that goat should never be cooked past medium (150°F). Past that point it loses its moisture and succulence.

Rack of Goat with Mint Pesto Crust – Rack of goat can be grilled either by direct or indirect heat. Indirect heat is preferred when the goat is coated with delicate mixtures, such as the mint pesto crust in this recipe. Indirect cooking takes a bit longer, but requires less attention, as the likelihood of flare-ups is lessened.

Goat Shoulder Roast with Herbs and Black Olives – This is comfort food for when you have a couple hours to devote to roasting. The goat is seasoned at least 12 hours in advance to improve its flavor. It is cooked until well done to allow the connective tissue to soften and the fat to render, and then served with a pan sauce that includes vegetables, olives, and capers. Accompany the goat with polenta and a spoonful of the zesty sauce.

Gourmet Goat Burgers – Here is a unique twist for hamburgers for your family.  Use grassfed ground goat for an interesting taste experience. This recipe should make some succulent goat-burger patties for you and your family to enjoy!

Barbecued Goat Shanks – Goat shanks are not for the dainty. Goat shanks are served whole, a leg on a plate – think cave cuisine! These shanks are permeated with North African spices; they radiate cinnamon, thyme, coriander and lemon – an exotic harmony.

Goat Carnitas – This recipe combines the subtle perfume of bay leaves and cloves with the depth and spice of dried chiles. It’s a combination so compelling you’ll find yourself going back for more even after you are full!

Apricot – Honey Mustard Marinade – The crisp coating of this marinade keeps the goat succulent and juicy! Great on cuts of goat ranging from small loin chops to whole or butterflied leg of goat.

Veal Recipes

Veal Cutlets with Tarragon Cream Sauce – This quick, easy dinner-party dish is delicious served with buttered tagliatelle pasta and lightly steamed green vegetables.

Osso Bucco with Risotto Milanese – Osso Bucco, literally meaning bone with a hole, is a traditional Italian stew of veal, onions and leeks in white wine. Many versions also include tomatoes. Risotto Milanese is the classic Italian risotto and the classic accompaniment for osso bucco.

Stuffed Breast of Veal – Breast of veal is usually braised, but in this recipe, it is covered and steam-roasted in the oven, and then roasted uncovered until browned and tender, with the bones forming a natural roasting rack. Serve the veal hot as a main course with a little wholegrain mustard, or at room temperature with some Aioli or Salsa Verde.

Veal Loin Chops with Tarragon-Wine Sauce - Thick meaty veal loin chops are the equivalent of beef porterhouse or t-bone steaks and make an impressive main course. A basic sauce made from the pan drippings, white wine, and fresh tarragon complements the tender steaks. Veal loin chops are at their tender best when cooked only to medium-rare. Serve them with steamed basmati rice or mashed potatoes to soak up the sauce.

Veal Roast with a Mustard-Shallot Crust – A boneless veal roast is a tender cut that cooks to perfection in less than an hour. It requires little preparation, has only a thin layer of fat, is easy to carve, make an elegant main course. A coating of shallot, butter and mustard flavors the roast and the pan sauce. A little truffle oil adds a nice finishing touch.